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The Whizzinator synthetic urine review

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Misael Knight

Dec 9, 2023, 9:59:19 AM12/9/23
To pass a urine drug test, many opt for synthetic urine. Here they will need the help of a Whizzinator. This product is a sex toy or a fake penis. It contains fake urine so that one can pass the drug test.


How this product works

There is no doubt synthetic urine always makes it possible to pass the drug test in 99.99% cases. It is necessary to know how this product works to ensure you get a 100% guaranteed negative result in the urine drug test report.

At first, the tester will give you a specimen cup where you need to urinate
It will require 3 ounces to 5 ounces of urine. Here you will be asked to catch mid-stream urine.

For men, sometimes the urine collection is observed so that no one can fraud. Hence in this situation carrying a Whizzinator will become tough.
It is suggested not to flush as this may annul the results.

The Whizzinator touch kits


While you want to pass the urine test, you should read more about Whizzinator touch kits and what does it contain. This kit contains two leg straps and a waistband. It also contains 4 heating pads that will help to maintain the temperature of the urine according to the body temperature. This temperature will last for 8 hours. You will get one vial of synthetic urine and one cleaning syringe. This kit is also available with a pamphlet of instructions.

After you buy this product, it is necessary to check the review of the details of how to make a Wizzinator. Again, it is necessary to follow certain instructions regarding how to use this kit at the time of drug tests. At first, remove the contents one or two hours before the test. Take the heat pad and fix it to the Whizz kit. Place the heat pad between the bag and the belt. Now adjust the temperature strip against the skin. This will take one hour to get the body temperature and wait until the temperature strip turns green. Now you are ready for the test. The temperature of the urine will last for at least 8 hours and hence you do not need to worry about that. The kits should be cleaned properly after every use.


So now you get a clear idea as to what needs to be done to use this kit and collect the urine to qualify in the urine drug test. The best part of this kit is that it’s multiuse. You can clean it after every use and keep it with you in a safe please to use if required in another urine drug test. You can buy the kit online.
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