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The Ex Factor Guide Review⚠️Honest Review & The Truth!

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leah tristram

Dec 2, 2023, 6:13:52 PM12/2/23
The Ex Factor Guide is a relationship program marketed to people who believe their recent breakup was a mistake and are looking to rekindle things with their ex. Created by Brad Browning, a breakup and relationship coach with over ten years of experience, The Ex Factor Guide aims to provide people with the understanding and tools needed to get their ex back.

The comprehensive digital guide focuses on the psychology behind breakups and tactics to rebuild attraction with an ex partner. By covering both male and female perspectives, it offers tailored advice for winning back an ex boyfriend or girlfriend. Let's take a closer look at what the program entails.

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Overview of The Ex Factor Guide
What the Guide Entails
The core of the program is an e-book that outlines effective psychological strategies and actionable steps for sparking an ex’s interest. It focuses on topics like:

The mentality needed post-breakup
Re-establishing contact the right way
Flirting techniques and seduction
Rebuilding intimacy and attraction
Understanding the opposite sex’s perspective
The digital format also includes a video series to complement the book, bonus publications for applying the theories, and email coaching directly from Brad Browning.


Digital Format and Accessibility
As an instantly downloadable ebook and video series that is viewable on most devices, The Ex Factor Guide emphasizes convenience and accessibility. Users can refer back to materials as needed rather than relying solely on their memory. This makes following a structured game plan more manageable.

About Brad Browning
Creator of The Ex Factor Guide, Brad Browning is a relationship coach based in Vancouver, Canada with over ten years of experience. His extensive background stems from working directly with clients one-on-one to resolve post-breakup issues and analyzing common behavior patterns.

He takes an action-oriented approach focused on understanding core psychology, building self-confidence, and displaying attractive traits. Browning is also author of the popular book “Mend the Marriage” about saving troubled relationships on the brink of divorce.

Brad's Philosophy and Approach
Browning believes most breakups are salvageable situations since residual feelings often remain post-split. His strategy involves instilling the right mindset first, followed by actively boosting attraction through learned seduction techniques.

The Ex Factor Guide reflects this philosophy through its:

Goal-oriented roadmaps
Focus on mental outlook
Practical flirting tips
This dual-pronged emotional and tactical plan targets core dynamics underpinning human behavior. Reviewers praise Browning's direct guidance valued by frustrated dumpees.

Target Audience for The Ex Factor Guide
The Ex Factor Guide caters to a wide demographic of individuals wanting to recover from doomed relationships. Specifically, people who regard their split as one-sided or premature timing may resonate most with its message.


Typical buyers include:

Heartbroken men and women convinced their ex is still “the one”
People blindsided by an unexpected breakup
Individuals who want closure or a second chance
The program prepares this target group to fight emotional impulses, reassess the breakup’s causes, and take proactive measures. Its relevance applies whether the prior relationship lasted one year or ten.

Who Will Benefit Most
While anyone desiring reconciliation can derive value, the guide is especially useful for dumpees who still feel attached and are willing to amend post-breakup behavior.

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The following groups stand to benefit most:

Partners blindsided by a surprising breakup
People with strong residual feelings post-split
Individuals regretting their role in the breakup
Partners of impulsive exes with changeable whims
On the flip side, the guide is less suitable for couples with irreparable foundational damage or continuing incidents of infidelity, violence, or toxicity.

Key Themes and Strategies in The Guide
Psychological Tactics and Flirting Strategies
The Ex Factor Guide focuses heavily on psychological tricks for maneuvering post-breakup interactions and rebuilding intimacy through flirting.

Main examples include:

Using jealousy
Being unavailable
Acting indifferent in requests for friendship
Delaying serious talks
Flirting by text and in-person
These concepts align with several established dating techniques as well:

The Scarcity Principle
Playing Hard to Get
Pushing and Pulling
The tactics capitalize on innate reactiveness to uncertain reward scenarios in the human psyche.

Self-improvement and Personal Growth
Besides manipulating external factors to rekindle attraction, The Ex Factor Guide also accentuates self-betterment actions. It stresses the importance of:


Controlling kneejerk emotional reactions
Learning from the breakup
Building self-confidence and independence
Avoiding the same past mistakes
Assessing reasonable expectations from relationships
This internal work establishes the right mindset to restart a potential relationship with an ex on a clean slate.

Pros and Cons of The Ex Factor Guide
Pros Cons
Comprehensive relationship analysis Some generalizations
Customized for men and women Digital-only delivery
Expert authorship Morally questionable tactics
Instills self-confidence Not for irreparable relationships
Reasonable pricing $47 price tag may deter some
Advantages of the Guide
The highlight of The Ex Factor Guide is its comprehensive playbook detailing effective yet controversial methods based on psychological principles. Users also praise the delivery and customization for either gender as key value adds.

Given Browning’s renowned expertise in the breakup space, readers can implement advice with confidence. Testimonials cite the program’s profound emotional impact and tactical practicality as game-changing differentiators.

Limitations and Criticisms
The most prominent criticism stems from debates around manipulating human emotions. Certain techniques rely on jealousy, unavailability, and comparison, which some classify as morally questionable. The lack of nuance beyond binary gender categories also attracted critiques.

Others argue that generalized advice risks oversimplifying intricate relationship dynamics. They advocate tailored coaching better suited for complex situations, but at a steep price.

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Pricing and Value for Money
The Ex Factor Guide is available digitally for a one-time payment of $47.

While more affordable than individual counseling, prospective buyers weighing the price tag must factor the risky nature of deployment. Overzealous or incorrect application of psychological tactics could permanently destroy reconciliation chances.

Still, many deem the cost worthwhile given the potential romantic upside. Browning also provides a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee for refund seekers.

The Ex Factor Guide offers a controversial yet carefully constructed relationship program for victims of breakups seeking closure or second chances with ex-partners. Its psychology-based emotional tactics and practical flirting tips empower heartbroken dumpees stuck in limbo.

The action-based advice separates it from generic self-help content that simply raises awareness without plans for execution. While reasonable concerns exist around manipulation and morality, individuals feeling hopeless post-breakup may find solace in its strategic roadmap.


For anyone still emotionally tethered to their ex against all odds, The Ex Factor Guide provides the secret weapon to stage a turnaround. Those willing to meticulously follow the blueprint can spark nostalgic feelings and revived attraction.

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