Planning (and triaging) for 1.9.3 alphas

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L. David Baron

Jan 22, 2010, 5:02:14 PM1/22/10
I've been working on gathering task lists for shipping an alpha from
mozilla-central in the next few weeks. I've been tracking these at .

The first issue is figuring out what bugs block us from shipping an
alpha release. We currently (see query links on the above page)
have 232 blocking1.9.3:? nominations, and also 13 bugs that are
currently blocking1.9.3:alpha1 (some of which I'm skeptical really
block). If component leads could triage these nominations in the
next week (particularly to find those that block alpha1), that would
be extremely helpful.

Doing blocking triage with the new flags (blocks-alpha1,
blocks-beta1, blocks-final, does-not-block) may pose some
challenges; I don't think it's something we've tried before while on
trunk and well in advance of any release. However, I expect it to
be straightforward for regressions, and hopefully straightforward
for bugs in new features that have already landed. It might be more
difficult for nominations representing features that might become
critical features for a release. However, the number of such
nominations is probably small, and it's not critical that they be
evaluated before we ship the first alpha of 1.9.3.

Please realize that an alpha release is expected to be at a quality
level representing a stabilized trunk nightly: we should block
alphas on things that are obstacles to testing the changes we want
tested or are major regressions that would prevent people from using
the builds. In most cases, we should not block on completing
particular features or particular high-risk changes, which can
always be in the next alpha instead.

Second, I'm gathering a list of changes we want testing on, and what
testing we want for those features, both for this alpha and for
future alphas. The list so far is the bulk of the content of
Please add to this list any features that:
* are not in Firefox 3.6 / Gecko 1.9.2
* are significant enough that we'd want to either:
+ direct testing or attention to them in release notes for an
alpha release
+ consider them when deciding how to schedule alpha releases
* have already landed on mozilla-central or are expected to land on
mozilla-central in the next few months
I hope that this list will be useful both for (a) publicizing what's
in the alpha releases we do and what testing we want and (b)
planning the schedule of future alphas.


L. David Baron
Mozilla Corporation

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