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FF Update - Planned release Wed July 26

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Tim Riley

Jul 21, 2006, 6:59:29 PM7/21/06
A new data loss regression in FF has been identified. It is bug
344249. ( This bug
causes double tabs to be created, and worse, deleted at one time. This
will case a one day slip from Tues July 25th to Wed July 26th. The plan
is to get a 1.8.0 specific branch fix from Mark Mentovai this afternoon.
Respin Mac only by Saturday. Complete testing by Tues. And the
Release on Wednesday.


* Mark will create the patch and unit test it. The plan is to
#ifdef mac the changes so there is no way this affects other platforms.
* Zach will do an initial QA testing of the patch while Rhelmer
starts the respin
* Rhelmer will respin mac only: en-US, locales and then updates.
Done Saturday
* QA will test the mac en-US, locales and then updates. This
should be done my mid-day Tues. We are planning smoke tests on PPC and
Intel mac, then the usual automated L10n and update checks along with
manual spot checks.
* Rhelmer start staging Tuesday night for the Wed release.

We are continuing to complete non-mac Build and QA tasks related to
FF1.5.0.5 updates, CJK builds and Tbird. We hope to release Tbird on Thursday. I'll post a slightly modified version of this on
m.d.planning next.


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