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2006-02-13 - Summary of staff meeting

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Gervase Markham

Feb 17, 2006, 10:08:55 AM2/17/06
2006-02-13 - Summary of staff meeting

Present: bc, beltzner, bsmedberg, coop, dmose, dria, neil deakin, gerv,
hecker, justdave, justin, polvi, mconnor, bienvenu, mscott, blake,
daver, timr, justin, preed, schrep, rafael, aravind, pav, shaver, pkim,
robert strong, marcia, karen, myk, dbaron, john lilly, jst, chofmann,
brendan, cbeard, mitchell, jonas, dougt, dveditz, jay, josh, axel.

*Upcoming Releases*

- Currently working on 1.0.8 release (remember that?)
- Slightly more work than anticipated because backporting is harder

- Next in the pipeline after 1.0.8 is a simultaneous for
Thunderbird and Firefox (could end up being in April)

*Firefox 2.0*

- Status meetings every Tuesday at 11am PST (dialin information on the
- Also see the 2.0 project wiki, in terms of what features are there
- All feature level discussions have been moved to the newsgroups
- BonEcho mailing list is open to the public
- Using priority field on tracking bugs to arrange them


- Last week 2006 marketing plan was proposed to steering committee at
the Corp
- Going wider within the Corporation this week
- Week following, get even wider feedback from the broader community

- 2006 Conference list has been put together; coming round by email
- 3 conferences to have a significant presence at (XTech, OSCON, Joi's

- Tristan and Axel are going to CeBIT in mid-March to do interviews


- FOSDEM Localisers Meeting (22 people signed up already)

- Frank part of GPLv3 Committee A; participated in teleconference last

- Also did two press interviews regarding GPLv3 and Mozilla


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