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RC1 testing complete!

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Tim Riley

Sep 25, 2006, 9:36:33 PM9/25/06
to Build Team, Mozilla QA, Christopher Beard, Mike Schroepfer, Paul Kim, Sherman Dickman, Mike Connor
This is just to let everyone know that the QA testing for RC1 is
complete. The set of locales that are ready can be found in the
shipped-locales file in bug 353341. 49 locales are being released!!

Summary of the areas QA tested:

* Smoketests and BFTs
* JS tests
* Security Regression test suite
* L10n trademark and functionality
- see l10n test matrix:
* Focused testing based on bug fixes for RC1
- See:
* Extended Extension testing
* Extended top 100 sites testing
* Software update testing

See the overall test plan and results:

This is all in addition to the developer unit testing, tinderbox
testing, trunk baking, and extensive community testing.

Preed has started the staging process. The bit should be mirrored
overnight for release tomorrow.


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