Status Update: Firefox 3.5 RC Code Freeze and tree rules

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Mike Beltzner

May 21, 2009, 12:41:32 AM5/21/09
to dev. planning,,, List,

We're very close to being done with Firefox 3.5 / Gecko 1.9.1
blockers, and the pace has been incredible. Presently we're down to
just over 20 blocking bugs without code fixes:,Core,Toolkit,NSS,NSPR

Many of these bugs have patches that are awaiting review or a revised
patch based on review comments.

Until these 20 or so fixes have landed on mozilla-central, we will be
keeping that tree restricted to:

- patches that fix bugs on that list
- patches that have been marked with approval191+
- patches with explicit driver approval
- patches that are not part of the Firefox build, bustage fixes or
test additions

Developers should be focusing their efforts on getting the fixes for
those issues on mozilla-central as soon as possible.

The mozilla-1.9.1 tree continues to be closed to everything other than
patches that fix blockers and patches that have "baked" on mozilla-
central and are marked approval1.9.1+. Priority should be given to
landing the 30 or so patches which fix blockers, and which have
already landed on mozilla-central but have not yet made it to

Tomorrow I and others will continue to make decisions about blocking
nominations, approvals and code freeze cutoffs in #shiretoko on The active sheriff will be helping you determine if
your patch can be checked in in #developers.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Tim Riley

May 22, 2009, 10:16:04 AM5/22/09
to dev. planning,,, List,

Let the QA team know if you need any help with steps to reproduce,
regression ranges, testing patches, etc. The best way to catch us,
since time is short, is ask in #qa or ping myself (timr), tchung,
ctalbert, or your favorite testing person. If one of us can't do it, we
will find someone that can!


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