mozilla-central is CLOSED to converge for Firefox 4 beta 8 / Fennec beta 3

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Christian Legnitto

13.12.2010, 20:57:3413.12.10
an group
I have just closed mozilla-central to converge for Firefox 4 beta 8 / Fennec beta 3. The only bugs that will be allowed to land will be:

1. Firefox 4 beta 8 blockers
2. Fennec beta 3 blockers

Any major issues that would prevent the betas from shipping should be nominated for blocking (using blocking2.0:?) and an email sent to me or

The tree will stay closed until tomorrow, 2010-12-14 (exact time TBD). We intend to create a release branch tomorrow off mozilla-central to unblock ongoing trunk work.

Thank you for your patience and please let me know if there are any questions / concerns.


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