Notes from planning meeting on 12/4

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Dec 4, 2008, 5:10:52 PM12/4/08
Present: reed, ss, davidwboswell, cilias, kairo

- Recent Activity

Since the last meeting, there has been some archiving and we've posted
over a dozen localized versions of the Manifesto.

- New Design

There is still no news about this, but there should be something to
report by the end of the year.

- Localization

We've recently been posting localized versions of the Manifesto, but
still don't have the localization system in place (we are currently
just hard-coding links to various files). The current system works
fine for the Manifesto (in fact, people are asking not to be taken to
a specific version because they want to see a list of all available
versions) but we still don't have a plan for localized content of the
site in general. In terms of the Manifesto page, David and Reed will
look at taking out the existing language redirects soon.

- Archiving

There's been some archiving activity recently -- notably the removal
of the old l10n pages. Work on archiving has slowed down in general
due to wanting to get the automatic redirect infrastructure in place
before removing too many additional pages. David and Reed will talk
more about this when Reed is in the Mountain View office.

- Updating Content

Now that we're almost finished updating the core pages that are
already on the site, we discussed looking at filling in gaps with new
content. David mentioned that he had added some pages to the wiki
about updating the site's History content and some other ideas.
Everyone is welcome to add, update or edit any of those content pages
on the wiki.

- Staging Server

The set up of the staging server is still in process. Reed asked if
we want to keep the publishing process as it is (with changes showing
up directly on the site) or like (where there is a
multi-step process to push to stage and then merge to the live site).
The preference for people on the call was to have a staging server
that updates every 10 minutes that we can view before the production
site updates, but no merging would be needed.

- Other

There were two issues with the old Mozilla Suite Start Page that we
discussed. The first is that some of the new peers for the site
didn't have access to edit it and Reed updated the permissions for
that (and there still may be a few other pages that need to have the
permissions updated). We also discussed tweaking the page so that
Firefox users get redirected to a Firefox-related page and we made
some changes to the formatting to help make it easier for people to
click through to the links on the page.

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