Update on www.mozilla.org transition from CVS to SVN

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Jun 18, 2009, 2:21:14 PM6/18/09
I wanted to send an update on our progress with the www.mozilla.org
redesign and remind everyone that we're moving from CVS to SVN as part
of this. That means that the method for updating the site will change
after the redesign is live.

The new Subversion repository will be hosted at:


We are planning on launching the new site by the end of June or early
July, so you have some time to try out the new repository and
determine if there are any access problems. Please let us know if you
do have problems, so we can sort those out in advance.

We are doing this to make maintaining and improving the site easier,
although there will be some inconvenience for existing site editors.
Subversion has several advantages over CVS and is also used widely by
other Mozilla sites. This means we'll be able to work more closely
with the rest of the community -- for example, we'll be able to work
with existing l10n processes to translate key pages on the site.

For more background on this, please see the previous thread at:


If there are any questions about any of this, please feel free to let
me know.


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Jun 21, 2009, 9:29:36 PM6/21/09
If anyone else feels that not having Doctor available immediately when
the new design goes live is a showstopper, please let us know now.
When we've had earlier discussions about this, it has been identified
as definitely a high priority but also a nice to have instead of a
must have for relaunch. To make sure people respond, I'll ping all
site editors with this question directly as well.

Reed, is there any way to tell from the logs when a page is edited
using Doctor? Having hard numbers for this would make the decision
making process easier.

There are two options here. One is to go ahead and make the switch
and follow up with Doctor as soon as we can and in the interim people
can be available to help with commits. The other option is to go
ahead with the redesign now and hold off on the repository switch and
the switch to the new templating system until a Doctor replacement is

I think it's certainly fine to reopen discussion about this. Although
we have gone over this at length a few times in the planning meetings,
those meetings only contain a subset of everyone who is editing pages
on the site.



Jun 30, 2009, 4:14:55 PM6/30/09
I wanted to follow up about current Doctor usage. Eight people
contacted me to say they use Doctor to edit the site and there have
been 21 commits from Doctor's IP address in the last 4 weeks. Ideally
we'd be able to get more information about Doctor usage, but this
gives us some information to work with.

The next steps are to discuss the status and priority for replacing
Doctor at this Thursday's www.mozilla.org planning meeting. If you
would like to take part in that discussion, please feel free to dial-
in. The relevant meeting information is at



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