Notes from planning meeting on 4/2

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Apr 2, 2009, 2:54:28 PM4/2/09
Notes from planning meeting on 4/2

Present: cilias, davidwboswell, reed, paul c, sam, kairo

- New Design

The design project is moving forward. The second round was shown
publicly last week and the next round is being worked on. Depending
on the feedback we get when we post the next round, the project could
finish up as soon as a couple of weeks. At that point we'll have code
for a new home page and site template that will then need to be
implemented (see below).

- Archiving

The archiving work is still on hold while we wait to put automatic
redirects in place. Paul C. is interested in this and will look at
bug 453475. He asked if we have a deadline for this -- we haven't set
any timeline on this in the past but perhaps implementing the redesign
will compel us to reduce the number of pages on the site?

- Updated Content

The redesign process has helped us think through pages we need to
update and add as well as pages that can be archived or redirected. A
new content priority is to create a section of the site that talks
about the community's public benefit activities. There is draft text
for a new Causes page on the wiki at:

We have also been planning on updating the content at
but we are currently thinking that it might be better to remove that
page and redirect it to a page on MDC or
Sheppy owns the Developer section on the site so we'll need to talk
more about this with him. The new design also doesn't include a link
to Developer content in the top-level nav and people felt this was
fine as long as links to developer content are in other places.

- Stats

We still haven't figured out what type of stats to gather regularly,
but it seems like checking the page views for the Developer page and
looking at the top 10 pages is a good place to start.

Top 10 most requested pages in March 2009
/ 1596545
/start/ 1074028
/projects/minefield/ 451438
/support/thunderbird/ 278135
/projects/ 277082
/projects/granparadiso/ 270339
/editor/midasdemo/securityprefs.html 247084
/security/known-vulnerabilities/firefox30.html 186162
/projects/shiretoko/ 115743
/projects/browsers.html 78668

Developer page came in 16th with 0.57% of the requests
/developer/ 33946

- Implementing New Design

Once we get the coded pages from the designers, we're going to need to
implement those on the site. We discussed our different options and
decided to make several proposed back-end changes at once, including
switching from our build system to PHP and moving from CVS to
Subversion for our repository.

David expressed some concerns about this adding more work and possibly
delaying the redesign implementation if there are any community issues
with the repository transition. Reed and Sam felt that stringing out
these various changes and doing them separately would end up being
more work and make for a more difficult transition. To let people
know about this transition, David will email everyone who has
committed a change to the site in the last 6 months. We can also blog
and discuss on newsgroups when this gets closer.

In terms of timing, we should have code from the designers by the end
of April. Reed will be working from the main office starting in early
May and Sam and Reed suggested a tentative timeline for June 1 to get
the new design live. This date is just a target and can be changed as

One other change that will need to be made as part of the redesign is
updating our policy for our HTML support on the site. We are
currently supporting HTML 4.01 and will likely move to XHTML or HTML 5
for the new design.

- Getting Involved

We discussed recent efforts to use VolunteerMatch to bring in people
to help us with the site. More information about this is at

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