Notes from Web Site Task Force Meeting on November 18

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Nov 18, 2010, 4:30:18 PM11/18/10
Notes from Web Site Task Force Meeting on November 18

Present: david, liz, rsynder, kairo, fuzzyfox, ned, lforrest,
williamr, clyon, jslater

- Update on Domain Name Strategy

Laura gave an update on where we are with implementing the domain name
strategy. We've started with opening bugs to switch some smaller
sites ( and to get some experience
and plan to switch over early next year and then
finish the rest of the switches after that.

David mentioned that our original assumption was that after doing one
or two of these we'd get a process that would allow us to move more
quickly, but we're finding that each site seems to have some unique
issues that will have to be dealt with so previous experience may not
be as helpful as we had thought.

For details on the implementation process, see:

- Abandoned Sites

Ryan gave an update on where he was with archiving the Mozilla Service
Week site. The content has been scraped from the live site and is on
the new site. After it's been tested the
original site can be taken down and redirects set up. There was some
discussion about the technical details for doing this and the
following wiki page has more details for anyone interested.

David gave an update on the process to follow when identifying an
abandoned site and the guidelines to follow when deciding whether to
archive or delete it. More is at:

We then opened the floor for any objections before approval. There
were none so this has now been approved.

- Common Footer

No updates and this will be something we'll look into early in 2011.

- Web Fonts

No updates and this will be something we'll look into early in 2011.

There was a question about if it would be possible to make progress
with this as part of the current Firefox site redesign. John
mentioned that if we had planned for this a few months ago then we
could, but the site is just a few weeks from going live and it's too
late to add in.

- 2011 brainstorming

We had a discussion about what other topics people were interested in
discussing in 2011 and came up with a list that included creating a
new site checklist, creating a CSS framework, building a graphics
repository and more fully documenting site ownership. FuzzyFox and
Ned put up some initial wiki pages to get the discussion started and
linked them from the Proposals page. FuzzyFox also created a proposal
template to make it easier for people to start new topics.

- Next meeting

We decided to skip meeting in December since the timing conflicted
with the all hands and since the two open proposals won't have any
updates until early 2011. We'll meet 8 weeks from now instead, on
January 13.

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