Notes from planning meeting on 9/3

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Sep 3, 2008, 2:17:51 PM9/3/08
Present: davidwboswell, sheppy, cilias, fantasai

- Recent Activity

Since the last meeting we have been mostly focused on the archiving
process, but there's also been some bug triage and localization
configurations made to the site.

- New Design

The selection process for a design agency is taking us longer than
anticipated. We're expecting to get one more estimate from an agency
this week and we can then make a selection.

- Site Structure

Sheppy plans to work on a new version of the Developer section when he
has a chance. For the Contributor section, the work Gandalf has been
doing lately might be a good fit (if not, then Gandalf's work probably
could fit somewhere else on the site).

- Localization

Now that the localization configurations are in place, fantasai will
be able to post the localized versions of the manifesto that are
attached to bug 433928.

- Archiving

We discussed how the current archiving work has gone and talked about
ways to make this process go more smoothly (although we agreed that
there is no completely pain-free way for this transition to happen).

Adding a banner to the archive site in order to warn people that the
content is out of date was flagged as the highest priority. Work on
this is happening (bug 436423 and bug 452640) but there is a technical
problem with the archive site that is stopping changes from showing

There was a suggestion to set up automatic redirects of archived
content instead of having a 404 page get displayed with a link to the
archive site (bug 453475). We agreed that this was a good idea, but
we need a way to not automatically redirect people to pages that
contain potentially confusing information for users (such as the
Mozilla 1.x download page) although we still need to make these pages
available for people who are looking for them.

For ongoing documentation migration, next steps is for David to open a
bug for each set of docs that need to be reviewed. To date,
discussion about content to be archived has happened over email and
this process hasn't been transparent or trackable enough.

- Bug Triage

We've brought down the number of open bugs from over
300 to just over 200. There is still more work to be done here and
any help is appreciated.

- Next Meeting

We'll set up another meeting in about 4 weeks. We'll need to change
the day and/or time since Wednesday at 10 pacific doesn't work as well
for people any more.

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