Notes from planning meeting on 4/2

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Apr 2, 2008, 4:23:58 PM4/2/08
Present: fantasai, kairo, reed, sheppy, ss, davidwboswell

We used the list of topics on the following wiki page as an agenda:

- Recent Activity

We reviewed what has happened with the site since the last meeting.
The big changes are:

* Closed out the site vision bug
* Started updating the About section and started removing the Press
section (with content either getting folded into About or being
redirected as appropriate)
* Started working with a designer on new home page and site theme
* Posted anniversary content

- Vision

There have been no comments on this since closing the bug, so we can
consider this resolved.

- Site Structure

Determining the desired new structure for the site and then figuring
out how to get from here to there is currently the top priority. In
discussions in the meeting we decided to move Community from the set
of footer links to the top-level nav. Other than that, we're happy
with the proposed structure. Next steps involve switching the
Products section with Projects and adding Community as a top-level

- Archiving

This is something we'll do near the end of the updating process, so
there's not much to say about this now.

- Migrating

Sheppy explained that this is something that should get some more
attention after Firefox 3 is out. This is a big chunk of tedious work
though and it is difficult to get people excited about the migration
process. Fantasai had some good ideas for how to get creative to
generate some excitement around this and we'll look into this again
after Firefox 3 is released.

- Projects

We discussed how to create a current list of all Projects that are
pointing to the appropriate home pages. Fantasai suggested creating a
wiki page that lists projects but without including links and then
posting on high-traffic lists to ask people to add links to the
current project site and fill in any missing projects. David had
started a wiki version of the project list at

- Selecting Owners

We decided that the best way to handle this was to select owners for
each of the top-level sections of the site. Reed would remain over-
all owner of and then everyone else currently involved
in the updating process would be authorized to make any changes as
needed to the site. So far, we've identified owners for the following

* Developers (sheppy)
* Foundation (davidwboswell)
* About (fantasai)

At future meetings we'll fill in the gaps by finding owners for the
remaining sections (Projects, Community and Contribute).

- Next Meeting

David will schedule another meeting sometime in May.

- Action Items

The following are the top open action items from previous meetings:

* Work on new home page and site theme design concepts
* Come up with a plan for the Developers section
* Replace the Products section with Projects (bug 325485)
* Move Community into top-level nav
* Make comprehensive list of all projects / contact project owners
(bug 393447)
* Update the Privacy Policy page (bug 416174)

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