Notes from websites task force meeting on 1/13/11

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Jan 13, 2011, 8:15:37 PM1/13/11
Notes from websites task force meeting on 1/13/11

present: fligtar, rebron, liz, david, john, ryan, ned, fred, greg,
jeff, luke, dave, sean, laura thompson, potch

- Site Archiving

Ryan gave an update on what's happened since the last meeting -- 10
websites have been retired with a few more to look at coming up. The
archiving team will periodically meet to determine the need to archive
any additional sites.

- Domain Name Strategy

David gave an update -- two sites have been switched to ( and but
further work here is on hold until after the Firefox 4 release.

- Web Fonts

Ned went through the web font proposal and discussed open issues and
then John talked about looking at working with foundries to create our
own font. The estimate he was given was that a new font could be
created in about 3 months, although this might not be a realistic
estimate based on other examples (Jeff mentioned the Droid font took 2
years to make). Next steps for this is to get some bids from
foundries and discuss more at next meeting.

Other issues about licensing and serving the font files were discussed
and if anyone is interested in these aspects of the proposal, let
John, Sean or Ned know and we can look into these issues before the
next meeting.

- Universal Tab

David mentioned that the universal tab idea was based on the earlier
common footer idea and proposed that the tab become the universal
element we add to all Mozilla sites. The tab won't meet the legal
needs of having the Privacy Policy link show up on all sites by
default, so that would need to be addressed in another proposal (see
next topic).

Sean showed the mockups he had put together and discussed how we would
provide a range of sizes to fit different needs. There was also a
discussion about what would go in the expanded area including context-
aware content (eg, developer links on a developer site), a universal
search box and general static links. There was also discussion about
how context-aware content could be handled technically as well as how
to roll this out to multiple sites in a maintainable way.

Next steps for this was for Sean to update his mockups with some of
these ideas and we'll blog about this more widely to get more

For the common footer proposal, Sean mentioned there could still be
value in this by providing some footers people could use as a resource
that could save people time and design effort. That would be useful
although we'd provide them as optional design elements.

- Site Checklist

There are some issues that all Mozilla sites need to address and David
proposed creating a checklist that could be a reference for site
owners. For instance, all Mozilla sites need to link to our Privacy
Policy. Instead of trying to add this in a footer, we can simply
document that this is a requirement and follow up with sites
individually to add this (the privacy team did this in Q4 with a
number of sites and it worked well).

It was decided that there could be other items that would fit on the
checklist, either as requirements or as best practices that are worth
documenting as a guide. We can leave the checklist as an ongoing
agenda item and can discuss adding new items here at each meeting if
there are suggestions for other things to consider. Examples include
having an opt-out link for tracking or information about a Mozilla web
font when it is created.

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