Next websites task force meeting tomorrow (Thursday) at 10 AM pacific

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Mar 9, 2011, 2:05:51 PM3/9/11
Just sending a reminder that the websites task force meeting is
scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) at 10 AM pacific.

* Dial-in information: 1-800-707-2533, pin: 369, conf: 7600
* Meeting room in MV: Warp Core
* Back channel:
* Agenda:

If you can't make it, notes will be posted on this list.



Mar 10, 2011, 8:21:15 PM3/10/11
Notes from Task Force Meeting on 3/10/11

present: david, potch, janet, ryan, liz, jslater, kairo, lforrest

- Updates

Archiving work on spreadfirefox is still in process. Another round of
abandoned site review will happen sometime after Firefox 4 launch.

- Documenting website owners

For a variety of reasons there is a need for to know who owns a given
site. Most recently Ryan and Laura ran into a problem with not having
access to owner information when they were looking into web tracking
best practices.

The plan for this is to pull together the available information on
site owners and add it to the WhoWorksOnWhat page. Chrissie has
offered to do that. In addition, the task force will take over
ownership for any unowned sites that are identified.

Ryan mentioned that this would also be a good time to pull together
other pertinent information, such as staging link, repository, etc.
Information such as login and password would need to be stored
somewhere else -- perhaps the intranet? A list of suggested data to
collect is at

- End of life process

Ryan has started a process to document end of life processes as a
follow on to work he's been doing with abandoned sites and with
helping spin up many temporary campaign sites this quarter.

We discussed some questions about this and decided that there were no
answers right now and that we'd need to work through this to sort out
the answers. Ryan will add the open questions to the proposal page.
Questions include: does does this apply to all sites or just sites
with a known end date? what's the best way to socialize including EOL
planning at the start of a project?

- Universal tab

John mentioned that this has been on hold while his team has been
working on site updates for the Firefox release. After the release we
can kick this off again by looking at content to include in the
expanded tab and getting feedback on that.

- Web fonts

John mentioned that this has also been on hold because of the release
and would be looked at again soon. The current thinking is to create
one font just for the wordmarks and another similar font that would be
made public and used on Mozilla's sites (details are to be determined
how it would be used). We'd coordinate this with other font efforts,
specifically the proposal about Typefaces for Body Text.

- Common color palette

Nuss has taken a pass at proposing a set of standard colors and their
hex values for use across Mozilla sites. This has been a great start
on this issue and we hope to work with Nuss more on expanding this and
rolling it out.


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