Notes from planning meeting on 5/14

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May 15, 2009, 6:09:40 PM5/15/09
Notes from planning meeting on 5/14

Present: david, sheppy, sam, gphemsley, cilias, dave, paul, fantasai,

- Getting New People Involved

Over the last week several people have responded about helping us with
the site deployment. We've identified several projects that are good
ways to get started with the redesign work:

Template tweaks

Hook up news feeds on new home page

Switch from a build system to PHP includes

Use media queries to create style sheets for small and large screens

If anyone has questions about any of these, feel free to respond to
this message on the list and we'll help.

- Archiving, Migrating and Updating Content

The bug about setting up automatic redirects for archived pages was
recently fixed and this will allow us to resume our archiving work.
Reed mentioned that having fewer pages to move to the new version of
the site will make the process easier, so we decided to aggressively
move forward with archiving. David will coordinate on this.

We talked briefly about migrating and agreed that the Developer page
on that is currently being linked to from the Developer
tab in the top-level navigation should be migrated to MDC. We opened
a bug for this at:

- Analyzing Stats

A new volunteer has recently offered to help us with stats analysis,
although she wasn't able to make it to this meeting.

- Deploying New Design

The new pages are now live on the staging site at www- and we have begun making some HTML and CSS tweaks to
the home page and templates. Reed has begun working on a script to
convert pages from the existing build system to a PHP includes model
(the script itself may be in Perl or Python). There are also
functionality projects that PHP developers can help with (initially
this will be setting up feeds on the home page). Several people
expressed interest in helping with these projects.

There was also a discussion about coming up with a replacement for
Doctor that will allow people to edit web pages through the browser.
gphemsley is involved in the Bespin community and is going to help us
coordinate with the Bespin developers about this. He set up a new bug
to get SVN support into Bespin.

At last week's meeting we discussed trying to go live with the new
design at the end of May. It doesn't look like this is a realistic
timeframe, so we are no longer aiming for that. We haven't picked a
new deadline yet, but it seems that late June or early July is
feasible. We had also discussed meeting each Thursday in May to
coordinate, but with the change in deadline this won't be needed.
We'll meet again at the regular time on the first Thursday in June.

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