Notes from Task Force Meeting on 2/10/11

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Feb 10, 2011, 6:01:11 PM2/10/11
Notes from Task Force Meeting on 2/10/11

present: david, ryan, fred, potch, malexis, liz, john, ned, james,
milos, lforrest, fuzzyfox

- Archiving Update

Ryan is looking into archiving at least part of Spread Firefox due to
issues with Drupal 5 no longer being supported and with webdev moving
off of supporting Drupal in general. The current focus is archiving
and moving the affiliates information, but archiving the entire site
is under consideration. Ryan will connect with the stakeholders and
follow up with a report at the next meeting.

- Web Fonts

John said that he is still in the process of selecting a font foundry
for this project and that although he hoped to have a decision by this
meeting he should definitely have a decision by the next meeting.
After picking a foundry the design process will start and could be
done as soon as Q2. Once the design is in place we will likely have a
rolling implementation to get this on our sites.

- Typefaces for Body Text

This is a new proposal from Nisse to standardize on the font-families
used for body text on our sites. There was a discussion about how
this fits in with the web fonts proposal and we agreed that although
they are related that this proposal fits better in a larger style
guide effort. There was general agreement that this was useful and
people had an interest in seeing this developed further.

- Common Color Palette

Nisse also proposed developing a common color palette and people also
felt this was useful and would fit in with a larger style guide
effort. John and Sean are both interested in pulling together
different threads such as this into a style guide and will be happy to
work with whoever is interested as soon as their time frees up after
the Firefox launch. Others are welcome to move forward without them

- Style Guide

Discussions about a style guide brought up questions about how
comprehensive we wanted to make this and if this would be optional or
not. The general feeling was that there needed to be a balance of
consistency and freedom and the goal wasn't to have every site look
like each other. This would also need to be optional, but providing
something that people could easily reuse to redesign a site or launch
a new site quickly would be welcome.

David has compiled a list of links to existing guides that cover a
range of information. We can build on this and tie things together to
create a single point of reference for people looking for this

- Universal Tabs

John gave an update that the first iteration of this was going live
soon on the Firefox sites. Phase 2 would be for a universal version
and the next steps for that is to work with the task force on the
content that should be included in the expanded header. This will be
covered in a future task force meeting.

- Site Checklist

This is an open issue where people can suggest items to include as
either things that sites should do or should consider doing. We
discussed how this might be better called a documenting best practices

Ryan wasn't sure if this was related or not, but suggested documenting
information about how to measure goals and collect metrics for a
site. Laura Forrest was interested in working on that and they said
they'd come back to the group with a proposal.

- Common Licensing

Ken has just started looking at how different sites are using
different licensing information and is interested in developing this
into a proposal. There was agreement that this was worthwhile and Liz
said she'd be happy to help with that.

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