Notes from planning meeting on 6/11

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Jun 11, 2008, 4:38:59 PM6/11/08
Present: davidwboswell, samuel sidler, gandalf, sheppy, fantasai,
cilias, mic, sethb, john slater

- Recent Activity

The big changes with the site since the last meeting are:

* Updated the Privacy Policy
* Set up the archive site (but it still needs some work before we use
* Added the new navigation links in header and footer

- Site Structure

The top-level site structure is now in place but there is still a lot
of work to do to identify all of the content we want in each of these
sections. The conversation in the meeting mainly focused on talking
about how these sections related to each other (for instance, what
belongs in Community and what belongs in Contribute).

- Selecting Owners

We do have owners selected for each of the top-level sections, but we
would welcome more people in the community joining us to own parts of
the site that they are interested in. Mic, Gandalf and Seth B. from
the evangelism team joined the call today and expressed interest in
seeing how some of their efforts could help with efforts to update and
expand some of the content in the Community and/or Contribute

- New Design

We gave an overview of the design direction we want to move forward
with (update the site templates and home page to give the site more of
a personality that fits the community) and we also talked about some
details related to a design project (do we want a showpiece for open
web techologies on the site, do we plan to change the templating or
content management system as part of this effort). Next steps are to
work with a design agency to come up with some concepts. Once we have
some ideas to look at we can start digging into the details of these
open questions.

- Archiving

Sam gave an update on the archive site and explained what bugs need to
be fixed before we can start using it (adding a banner to the pages on
the archive site and setting up a 404 on the live site with links to
the archive site). There was some discussion about if we wanted to
automatically redirect people to pages or if we wanted to provide a
link that people could click on to go to the archive site. We
discussed moving this conversation into the relevant bug.

- Migrating

Sheppy said that things have been on hold with migrating content from while the MDC redesign has been in progress, but he
hopes to get this process going again within a few weeks.

- Action Items

To recap, the following are the current top action items:

* Work on new home page and site design concepts
* Start archiving content
* Come up with a plan for the Developers and Contribute section (and
other sections as needed)
* Make comprehensive list of all projects / contact project owners
(bug 393447)

- Next Meeting

David will schedule another meeting sometime in July.

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