Notes from planning meeting on 2/5

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Feb 5, 2009, 2:22:15 PM2/5/09
Notes from planning meeting on 2/5

Present: sam, fantasai, davidwboswell, kairo, sheppy

- New Design

We now have some news on this. We've signed a contract to work with
Happy Cog on this project and things will be kicking off next week.
We want to have the design process be open and inclusive and plan to
use the wiki, blogs and newsgroups to get community members involved.
Sam has posted an initial Redesign page on the wiki and this will be
added to over time. We'll also blog more about this soon. As a
group, we can schedule another call to discuss design issues before
the next monthly meeting if we want.

- Localization

We have steadily been adding more versions of the Mozilla Manifesto
and the text is now available in 19 different languages. There isn't
other localized content on the site yet, but we do want to plan for
this so we need to make sure the new design and any server side
changes can accommodate hosting localized content.

For the design, we should look into having a standard way of
displaying which pages have multiple versions and how users can
navigate to those pages. In some ways though, the Manifesto versions
aren't a good template for other localized content, since it seems
that people would prefer to go to a landing page first and then pick a
version instead of being taken directly to the a specific version of
the Manifesto. This is a bug with the current Manifesto setup and
fantasai will take a look into it.

- Archiving/Migrating

There hasn't been much recent archiving activity since the bug to set
up automatic redirects hasn't been resolved yet.

We have recently archived the download.html page though and it's
associated files, although removing the download.js file has broken
our fragile build system. We are currently looking into getting that
fixed. The VARIABLES file that's also used for download.html and
other pages could cause some problems when we archive it, so we've
opened a bug to look into this.

For migrating content, there is no update from Sheppy on the status of
bringing someone on to help do this work.

- Updating Content

The biggest recent change has been creating a narrative version of the
Mozilla history page. The old version of the History page is still
available as a link at the bottom of the new page.

The good news with updating content is that we've addressed most of
the big holes and there's not any obvious place that needs immediate
attention. There are certainly lots of places that still need to be
updated, but the key pages are in fairly good shape now.

- Backend Stuff

Reed was not on the call so we skipped over issues with the staging
server, templating system and other backend stuff.

- Mailing List Moderation

The moderation queue has grown a bit recently and Sam offered to go
through and moderate things.

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