Action Items from today's Contribute group call

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Oct 8, 2009, 4:16:46 PM10/8/09
Here are some action items and notes from today's Contribute group

- Getting the new page live

We decided to get the new page live as soon as possible and iterate
and improve as we go forward. There's a wiki page where you can add
contribute opportunities and that text will get added to the live
page. We're aiming to post the new page sometime next week.

- Contribute mailing list

There is now a mailing list that will be used
to accept responses from the Get In Touch sidebar. Feel free to
subscribe yourself to this at:

Note that this list is set as private so that people's contact
information isn't publicly available. For a public place to discuss
contribute issues, let's use the mozilla-org newsgroup and move to
another group, list or forum as needed later.

- Getting the word out

To have this be successful we need to evangelize what we're doing, so
please feel free to blog, talk with your team members and directly
invite people to get involved. Another thing we can do is use the
newly created Get Involved buttons (not yet posted to SFX) at:

We also discussed having community groups identify contribute mentors
that could help evangelize within the group and also be an initial
point person for people wanting to get involved in specific areas. At
this point we don't know if teams will want to try this or not, but it
seems worth piloting to see how successful it may be.

- A/B Testing

I plan to talk to Blake about this, but if anyone is interested in
helping drive this please feel free to let me know. The initial
testing idea was to see which tab works best as default, but there are
likely to be several things we'd like to test and track on the page.

- Logistics

We decided to meet again on a call a week or so after the page has
gone live to review where we are and how things are working.


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