Notes from planning meeting on 5/7

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May 7, 2008, 2:19:05 PM5/7/08
Present: sam sidler, dave miller, david boswell, chris ilias,
fantasai, kairo

We used the list of topics on the following wiki page as an agenda:

- Recent Activity

The big changes with the site since the last meeting are:

* Updated the Community section content
* Updated the main page in the About section

- Site Structure

We're ready to transition to the new site structure. This will
involve changing all of the site templates, so we'd like to get Reed
involved with this to make sure we don't break anything. There was a
comment that the existing templating system should be replaced, but we
agreed this was a longer term goal and it would be easier to do after
the archiving process is done.

- Archiving

From emails sent to webmaster at mozilla dot org we've noticed that
some people are still coming across the old Mozilla 1.x suite and
thinking that it is a current project. We need to make sure that
these old suite pages are available for people who are looking for
them, but that they won't be found by people who are looking to
download supported software. We discussed updating those pages to add
links to Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey. Replacing the Products
section with the Projects section will also help with this. We'll
also add a list of historical releases in the History section of the
About page. Fantasai will look into this when she has a chance.

Sam gave an update on the progress of getting an archive site up and
things are moving along with this. Once it is live we'll need to
discuss more about the process of removing pages on the main site and
redirecting pages that are no longer there. We also discussed that
the archive site should look different from the main site so there is
no confusion between the two, so we'll look into bringing back one of
the old templates.

- Selecting Owners

We selected owners for the three remaining unowned top-level sections:

* Projects (sam and davidwboswell)
* Community (davidwboswell)
* Contribute (fantasai)

- List moderation

We discussed how to handle moderating and responding to emails coming
in to webmaster at mozilla dot org and decided that updating the
current auto-responder text and responding or forwarding on any
remaining non-support messages was the best way to handle this. Kairo
and David are responding to emails and Sam is moderating the mailing

- Bug Triage

Sam is looking through the list of open bugs and
closing or copying people as needed.

- Design Work

Sam and David will put together a design proposal to send to the group
for feedback. After we've had a chance to review that we'll move
forward with talking to designers about this.

- Next Meeting

David will schedule another meeting sometime in June.

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