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[Firefox] New onboarding screen, and "Personal Data Promise"

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Francesco Lodolo

May 8, 2019, 1:22:28 AM5/8/19
to Mozilla l10n Mailing List

Very quick message: we exposed several strings for Firefox yesterday.
Some of those are in the onboarding.ftl file.

Right after we exposed the strings, we received a message that
"Personal Data Promise" can be translated as usual. We think that's an
important progress for localization – something we actually pushed for
– and worth communicating, even if it creates a bit of churn.

The comment is going to be fixed today. I'll be going through existing
translations after that happens, and mark them as unapproved in
Pontoon if they contain "Personal Data Promise" in English. If you
think that keeping it in English is the right choice, just reapprove
them, and I won't make further changes.

I'll follow up in the next days with full instructions on how to fully
test these strings. For now, you need Nightly and to open
about:welcome to get an idea of how they're used, but there are still
a few bugs to fix (terms showing up untranslated, a button with the
wrong data-l10n-id).


Francesco Lodolo

May 8, 2019, 10:53:22 AM5/8/19
to Mozilla l10n Mailing List
Testing instructions to see all possible cards and introductions.
Given that you need to restart your browser multiple times, it's a
good idea to create a new profile just for testing, if you're using
Nightly as your daily browser.

Open about:config, search for the key trailhead.firstrun.branches, it
should be set to join-privacy by default.

You can try the following values to see other cards, but you need to
restart every time and reopen about:welcome

- sync-supercharge
- cards-payoff
- cards-multidevice
- control


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