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Robert Kaiser

2007/08/18 10:19:492007/08/18
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A few months ago, Axel Hecht from MoCo has worked on an idea for a new
localization framework that could be used for Mozilla2, but also for web
sites and other software.

The main goals of this framework are to overcome the problems and
limitations we know that the current Mozilla dtd/properties model and
the gettext/PO model have and provide not only a "best of both worlds"
but also solve problem that currently exist with both, such as gender

The current drafts of this are at <> on the
Mozilla wiki, along with features, designs, examples and problems.

Axel did a talk on FOSDEM about this in February, see also
<>, his
slides were interesting, but his examples and demos left many questions
open, confused some participants and reactions were split, esp. on the
actual file format.

I think we never collected the real issues people were seeing with his
proposals, so we should start collecting feedback, problems people are
seeing, and good points about it here.

Also, a first try on an implementation (for and in PHP for trying out
how the logic works) unfortunately stalled because of licensing
questions, but I think we'd need an at least partially working
implementation to work out the real problems of the spec - once we even
arrive at a point where most people are content with a spec, actually.
We probably also need a first shot of a rough localization tool before
we really know this all works out, IMHO.

Please post your (positive and negative) impressions about that
framework here in this thread, I hope we can get the discussion going on
this again and hopefully arrive at a usable spec and implementation
following that discussion.

Robert Kaiser

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