SeaMonkey and Locales {gl, hu, ka, zh-CN, be, nb-NO, pt-PT}

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Justin Wood (Callek)

Jun 25, 2011, 1:20:49 AM6/25/11
I am writing this here incase this mail finds any of the locales in
subject better than Bugs Do.

Locales ( {gl, hu, ka, zh-CN, be, nb-NO, pt-PT} )

I filed bugs for all of those locales in an effort to get SeaMonkey l10n
updated ASAP.

All those locales were shipped in at least some combination of 2.0 and
2.1, (4 in 2.0 only) and for security reasons we want to get our users
off SeaMonkey 2.0 [Gecko 1.9.1] ASAP, and Since Gecko 5 is the security
update for Gecko 2, we also want to get our users off SeaMonkey 2.1 fast
as well.

Our next release is 2.2, which will have its final spin in about 1 week.
If you are listed in that list above, and do not feel you can make that
cutoff date, I would appreciate the attempt anyway, but we have 2.3
coming from Gecko 6 ~ 7 weeks from today. Which we can certainly offer
the prompted update for your locales when that time comes.

If you are unable to continue providing localization for our product,
lets discuss the best way forward for your users, as keeping them on an
out of date, EOL'd build is no help to any of us, least of all them.

~Justin Wood (Callek)

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