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[FxA]: testing subscription platform: phase 1: payment and subscription creation

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Peiying Mo

Jul 3, 2020, 12:33:19 PM7/3/20
to localization, Mozilla
Hello Localizers,

The main.ftl was added to the Firefox Account repository
<> a few weeks ago.
This file contains payment related strings, for both frontend and backend,
all for the new product component Subscription Platform. Before the rollout
of any subscription based products to international markets, such as Mozilla
the platform needs to be ready in the localized versions.

The subscription platform has several features, only one feature is ready
for testing: *payment and subscription creation*. We need your help to
confirm that the localized content is correct in context. And if there are
any functionality issues, report it right away.

Please follow the steps for the subscription testing
in this newly released FxA testing doc
The document is quite long. Do go through it once before starting the test.
A few important information I want to highlight here:

- Subscription staging server
is different from the FxA staging server. This server is for this testing
purpose only and may or may not be permanent.
- Localized content is merged to master on Tuesdays.
- New Content is released on Fridays*.*


- RTL is not supported at the moment.
- Legal docs may not be in your language.
- If you encounter a missing translation, search in the `main.ftl` file.
Be mindful of variables in the string, so search one word or a short phrase
to get a search result.
- If you have a lot of incomplete translation to catch up, focus on the
strings used on this payment creation testing first.
- Pay attention to variables, markups and placeables. There are lots of
them in FxA files. Here are a few examples of common mistakes
to avoid.

*Reporting technical issues*

There are a few ways to report non-linguistic related bugs:

- File an issue here
- Ping me in the Matrix channel
- Send an email through dev-l10n-web mailing list.
- Send a direct email to me.

Thank you all and have a good weekend!
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