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[Common Voice] web part: name changes in domain and repo

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Peiying Mo

Jul 31, 2020, 11:57:58 AM7/31/20
to localization, Mozilla
Hello Localizers,

There are a few changes in Common Voice that I would like to share. It
shouldn't impact what you have been doing in Pontoon.

`Voice` is now changed to `commonvoice`:

- *Dev server*: - working on
getting the team to update this site once a day so you can test your
localization work
- *Staging server*: - updated a few
days before production push, working with the team to get a predictable
- *Production server*: - updated once
every other Tuesday.

The *repo* is also renamed from `master` to `main` in addition to the
domain name change:

- Web part repo:
- To report issues:

Thank you,
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