Localisation for Hill Mari in Platoon

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Мария Б

Jan 9, 2019, 3:48:03 AM1/9/19
to mozilla-dev-l1...@lists.mozilla.org

1) What Mozilla product are you hoping to localise? Keep in mind that
Firefox desktop is a rather large project which can potentially take a long
time for a full localisation to ship.

I would like to contribute recordings for Common Voice, and maybe help with some other projects, e.g. invite a couple of speakers tp translate services like telegram and/or Mozilla.

2) Which language code should be used? (ISO-639-1, ISO-639-3, country code).

The Hill Mari language (ISO 639-3: mrj, Glottocode: west2392), its Kozymodemyan dialect (Glottocode: kozy1238) in particular (as all audio recordings I have were recorded there).

3) How many plural forms are in the language?
To give an example, how would you translate the following phrases:

- *0 rocks* This one is a bit tricky since no Mari person would say that with a numeral 'zero' (as well as in case of *I see 0 rocks on the ground*, so the most suitable variant would be 'ик кӱэрат уке' (here -эр makes a kind of 'collective' meaning and -ат is a focus particle often used under negation, so all in all that would mean ~'not even one rock')
- *1 rock* ик кӱ
- *2 rocks* кок кӱ
- *3 rocks* кым кӱ
- *4 rocks * вӹц кӱ
- *5 rocks* куд кӱ
- *10 rocks* лу(ат) кӱ
- *20 rocks* коклы кӱ
- *100 rocks* шӱды кӱ
- *1000 rocks* тӹжем кӱ
- *I see 0 rocks on the ground* мӹнь
- *I see 1 rock on the ground* мӹнь ик кӱм ужам
- *I see 10 rock on the ground* мӹнь лу кӱм ужам
- *I see rocks on the ground* мӹнь кӱвлӓм ужам

So, plurals with number are usually in their normal form or normal form + case/possessiveness.
If it is a plural form in other contexts, the plurality marker -влӓ preceeds or follows case markers.

4) Are you hoping to localise alone or do you have friends that will join

I am going to invite some other member of Hill Mari expedition group, and maybe even some of Hill Mari speakers we work with would like to join. In any case, I am not the only one interested in it.

Peiying Mo

Jan 9, 2019, 12:41:16 PM1/9/19
to mozilla-dev-l1...@lists.mozilla.org
Hello Masha,

Thank you for your request. Fran has relayed your request to me and the project is already set up in Pontoon: https://pontoon.mozilla.org/mrj/common-voice/.

You are the locale manager. Here is the Pontoon user guide: https://mozilla-l10n.github.io/localizer-documentation/tools/pontoon/. Do share with others when you bring them onboard. Wish you lots of luck reaching out to others, especially native speakers to get involved with this project.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
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