Localisation for Bashkir

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Apr 18, 2019, 4:05:11 AM4/18/19
to mozilla-dev-l1...@lists.mozilla.org
Dear mozillians,

Could you please enable translation into Bashkir in Pontoon?


1) What Mozilla product are you hoping to localise?

Common Voice, to start with

2) Which language code should be used? (ISO-639-1, ISO-639-3, country code).

ISO-639-1: ba
ISO-639-2: bak

3) How many plural forms are in the language? To give an example,
how would you translate the following phrases:

The same number of plurals as the other Turkic languages (Turkish, Azerbaijani, Tatar, etc.)

4) Are you hoping to localise alone or do you have friends that will join
you? For sustainability of the localisation (because we're always releasing
new versions of Firefox products that will need localising), we'd prefer to
only ship new locales that have more than one person sustaining them.

I'm working with native speakers and translators.



Peiying Mo

Apr 18, 2019, 7:39:11 PM4/18/19
to mozilla-dev-l1...@lists.mozilla.org
Hello LInar,

Thank you for your interest. I have added the locale and enable the Common Voice project: https://pontoon.mozilla.org/ba/common-voice/.

If you have not created an account in Pontoon, make sure to register and read up the user guide: https://mozilla-l10n.github.io/localizer-documentation/tools/pontoon/.

I am glad to hear you have a few friends to work with. It is more fun to have a community especially to collaborate on a project like Common Voice. Here is guideline on the roles and responsibilities: https://mozilla-l10n.github.io/localizer-documentation/community/l10n_community_roles.html.

Have your friends register on Pontoon. Decide who should be granted as manager, translator and contributor.

Once the project reaches 95% completion, it will be enabled on production. For any additional questions and guidance, feel free to send me an email so we can follow up.

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