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Francois Marier

Jul 28, 2013, 10:38:36 PM7/28/13
Last week Andy and I were at WDCNZ [1] and gave a talk [2] in front of a
crowd of 150-200 web developers. It was very well received (especially
the demo [3]) and both Andy and I fielded lots of questions after the
talk. It was also live-blogged [4] on the Xero blog.

One designer even said to his colleagues that they should use Persona
for all of their sites :)

# Accessibility

Someone asked whether JavaScript was required and that response lead to
an interesting Twitter "discussion" [5] with an accessibility expert.

I talked to him afterwards and he recommended Knowbility [6] as a good
organization to hire to do user testing on users with a variety of
disabilities or assistive technologies.

The other thing he pointed out is that if we manage to make Persona
Section 508 [7] compliant (which is basically a self-assessment based on
following the applicable guidelines), that could attract a number of
organizations in the US that are required to be 508 compliant and to
only use 508-compliant vendors in their user-facing products.

# Interested developers

I spoke to several folks were interested in trying it out for their
(proprietary) e-commerce sites. Many of those were looking at options
and were pleasantly surprised to see something so simple.

Andy also spoke to a few developers from SilverStripe afterwards who
seemed keen to add it to core (pending acceptance) so he'll follow-up
with them later. We both also spoke to a developer from Open
Polytechnic who could see great potential with using Persona internally.

# Questions from the audience

- Can we use it in mobile apps?

- Can we use BrowserID without the Mozilla branding?

- When will it be native in other browsers?

- What happens when users change their email address?

- How many people use Persona to log in every day? How many sites use it?

- What proportion of users pick Persona over Facebook when both are

- What happens when an identity provider goes down?


[1] Web Developer Conference New Zealand http://wdcnz.com

[2] Slides at
and video to be published soon on

[3] https://secure.flickr.com/photos/craighamnett/9361171011/

[4] http://blog.xero.com/2013/07/live-blogging-at-wdcnz-2013/

[5] https://twitter.com/vavroom/status/360183568833589250



James Bonacci

Jul 29, 2013, 12:37:00 PM7/29/13
to Francois Marier, Andrew Chilton, dev-id...@lists.mozilla.org
Thanks for posting this.
Some really helpful information and links.

A big +1 for Accessibility support

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