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2005-01-09 - Summary of staff meeting

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Gervase Markham

Jan 20, 2006, 10:13:01 AM1/20/06
2005-01-09 - Summary of staff meeting

Present: josh, blizzard, bc, coop, dveditz, gerv, justdave, polvi,
dbienvenu, paul kim, john lilly, schrep, dougt, mitchell, rebron,
aravind, graydon, myk, jay, davel, blake, preed, asa, justin, dbaron,
rstrong, jonas, karen, chofmann, hecker, axel, marcia, mscott,
bsmedberg, mconnor, dria.


- code freeze tomorrow night
- Release scheduled for the end of this month
- Hoping to do these minor releases every two months
- They focus on security and minor polish fixes
- Gecko numbers: 1.8.1 is Firefox 2.0, 1.9 is Firefox 3.0


- Targetting Wednesday of this week for Thunderbird 1.5
- Supported with a press release


- Paul Kim, John Lilly and Chris Beard visit Japan next week
- Visiting Mozilla Japan

*Firefox Flicks*

- Big outreach this week to university professors and students
- New weblog and mailing list
- Already got a couple of entries in
- Hoping to get notification of what people are working on

*Extend Firefox*

- Ended last Friday
- Over 200 submissions
- Contest information is on the Wiki
- Half are new, half are upgrades
- Internal testing this week to provide a subset for external judges


- Frank is attending the GPLv3 conference in Boston


- There have been delays in review for extensions on
- Perhaps have another review-fest


[Note: no meeting 2005-01-16; Martin Luther King day.]

Nitin Bhargava

Jan 26, 2006, 12:22:17 AM1/26/06
to Gervase Markham
Gervase Markham wrote:
> 2005-01-09 - Summary of staff meeting

Someone at Mozillazine pointed out that the year (2006) is incorrect in
the last two summaries.

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