SMS/shared: in-flight features and upcoming changes that could impact RTL work?

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Sam Foster

Sep 2, 2015, 8:43:32 PM9/2/15
Hello Messages people,

We're about to start the work on updating and completing the RTL support for 2.5. This will involve some refactoring(1) of the existing CSS in the Messages app - and any implicated shared stylesheets. To minimize collisions and redundant work it would help to be aware of any in-flight features and major upcoming refactoring or other changes that might be relevant.

If you are working on shared or Messages app UI that is surfaced to the user, could you reply on this thread with brief details and/or bug numbers?

1. "Refactoring" meaning something along the lines of

Back in the day, on the mailing lists, when you were responsible for spam, off-topic posts or other consternation, a tip or a joke was required in payment:

<tip>When a [dir="rtl"] selector is required to define an RTL-specific CSS rule, ensure the corresponding ltr rule includes the [dir="ltr"] element in its selector - so each have the same specificity. </tip>


Aleh Zasypkin

Sep 7, 2015, 7:44:43 AM9/7/15
to Sam Foster,
Hey Sam,

Thanks for reaching out to us. AFAIK we don't plan any massive CSS/HTML refactoring/changes. The only feature that might be relevant and that we'll likely do in the 2.5 time-frame is "Low Device Storage" (new dialog/tooltip, see UX spec at [1] and [2]). Although I believe we won't have much collisions, it's still better to be aware of such thing :)



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