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Dietrich Ayala

Sep 10, 2015, 2:37:37 PM9/10/15
Just an FYI if you're using dogfood-latest channel for daily use... there are a few regressions making daily-use difficult or annoying. I've listed some of them below.

I wonder if there are many people on this update channel? It can be a bit frustrating to try to use on a daily basis, but it's GREAT at finding out all the new bugs being landed by the team! Better to know sooner than later, in blocker-fixing deathmarch hell, right?

* SMS sending and receiving is completely broken. This is a blocker for daily use.

* Sound settings reset when you reboot. This is annoying, but not a blocker. Gotta remember to turn your sound back down or you'll be the jackass at the movie theater who's phone goes off.

* SMS drafts don't persist when sending fails (discovered due to the SMS bug above!).

* Updating a favorite contact unfavorites it.

* Wifi wonkiness (please comment if you can reproduce).

* Sharing image from gallery to Twitter fails:

* Cannot log in to Bugzilla Lite. No bug yet, still trying to figure out if it's my settings on Bugzilla.

Naoki Hirata

Sep 10, 2015, 4:44:50 PM9/10/15
to Dietrich Ayala,
Thanks Dietrich.

Just for clarification :
dogfood-latest has a "use at your own risk" warning. 

If you're going to complain about dogfood blockers, it's out of QA's hands as we're already trying to push the dogfood blockers listed in :

Specifically, dogfood channel has not been updated because of

The reason why you might be experiencing further fall outs is because the root cause is that they changed the data format and the OTA didn't update the old data.

In regards to logging in to bugzilla lite : 
Dale is already on it.

dev-gaia mailing list

Dietrich Ayala

Sep 10, 2015, 5:10:06 PM9/10/15
to Naoki Hirata,
Yep, I'm aware of the risk... and the benefits. My email was an FYI to let people know about the channel and how useful it is for finding *very recent regressions* and reporting them ASAP.

What is great about update channels like this one are that participating in it makes QA not just a team, but a larger effort that scales beyond a small group of staff.

As long as the expectations are managed ("here be dragons!"), we should should encourage this type of testing.

Naoki Hirata

Sep 10, 2015, 6:42:54 PM9/10/15
to Dietrich Ayala,
"There be whales here, Captain!"   Fair enough.

I think the greater part is getting Flames to OTA again or rather FOTA.  We are completely blocked there due to the system parition size and the OTA size that has grown.  ( bug 1199863 )
FOTA is being considered for gecko/gaia portion only in bug 1201540.

This will also align us closer to what vendors do as well as they use FOTA not OTA for updates.

Julien Wajsberg

Sep 11, 2015, 1:23:57 PM9/11/15

Le 10/09/2015 20:37, Dietrich Ayala a écrit :
> * SMS drafts don't persist when sending fails (discovered due to the
> SMS bug above!).

I just want to mention they don't persist if sending fails right away
(which is the case here). If sending fails because of eg a bad network
condition, then your message is stored in the DB.

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