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Diagram of Marionette <> Node.js

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Gareth Aye

Aug 14, 2013, 11:36:21 PM8/14/13
tl;dr I made one and published it on the interwebs!

Some of the feedback we've gotten is that there are a lot of different
pieces to our marionette work and that it's difficult to visualize how
all of them fit together. We really want our framework to be open and
for test writers to be able to look under the hood. Hopefully this helps
people who like seeing how things are wired together visually.

There are about 20 different repositories involved. Partly this stems
from an aesthetic preference for loose coupling, but there's also just a
whole lot going on under the hood. Come bug us in #marionette-js-runner
if you have questions or suggestions or adorable pictures to share.

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