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Francisco Jordano

Sep 17, 2015, 6:58:58 AM9/17/15
to dev-gaia
Hi folks,

We talk about this email in the past gaia meeting, but is worthy to send it to the list for those that couldn't attend.

In previous emails we were talking about the landing of separated backend and fronted and separate views in the contacts app. But today we need to announce that we are reverting the changes that gave us separated views (we keep the separation of fronted-bankend).

The reason for doing this is that we won't have the expected quality in master if we leave it as it is. Our navigation was not the perfect one, as we were missing some important pieces like support for pre-rendering and navigation transition.

So in order to keep the quality that we will need for 2.5 release, we have leave master with the single page navigation. We won't land in master anything else, just blockers. We decided to do this revert now, before the changes were too risky, in our case we needed to revert 6 commits.

We have created a branch called NGA, where all the work is landing, where we have separate views, and where we will experiment and develop until we reach the quality expected. So post 2.5 release of contacts app could come from that development branch.

Talking with Vivien about this, he personally wants to keep a gecko branch in github for experimenting with the changes that we will need in the platform to make everything work together perfectly until we have support in m-c.

That's all, the great work and effort will continue.


Zibi Braniecki

Sep 17, 2015, 2:48:30 PM9/17/15
Does it affect the plan to separate communications into separate apps in 2.5?


Gabriele Svelto

Sep 18, 2015, 3:49:02 AM9/18/15
to Zibi Braniecki,
On 17/09/2015 20:48, Zibi Braniecki wrote:
> Does it affect the plan to separate communications into separate apps in 2.5?

AFAIK there has never been such a plan specifically for 2.5. There was
an original plan put in place a a little over year ago but it was axed
together with a lot of the older plans after the strategic changes in

We still want to split dialer and contacts but it's not feasible in the
2.5 timeframe.



Francisco Jordano

Sep 18, 2015, 4:28:39 AM9/18/15
to Gabriele Svelto, Zibi Braniecki, mozilla-dev-gaia

as Gabriele comments we don't have time and hands to help with the split.

But, this task has been raised to our product and ux teams as high priority once we branch 2.5


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