What would be the best tool to start with for a beginner dev?

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Monty Chain

Dec 30, 2019, 9:28:41 AM12/30/19
to dev-devel...@lists.mozilla.org
A few friends and I are looking for a web development project to work on for the next couple of months and I'm looking for suggestions from professional web developers!
Thank you!

Best regards,
Monty Chain

Harald Kirschner

Jan 2, 2020, 4:22:49 PM1/2/20
to Monty Chain, dev-developer-tools
Hi Monty,

great to hear, thanks for reaching out! If you all know React/Redux, Debugger is a good place to start: https://codetribute.mozilla.org/projects/devtools?tag%3Dgood-first-bug%26project%3DDebugger but other panels are also React-based (just without JSX syntax), and most of these bugs don't even touch the React frontend code: https://codetribute.mozilla.org/projects/devtools?tag%3Dgood-first-bug%26project%3DAll

https://docs.firefox-dev.tools/ should get you started for writing and submitting patches.

Thanks in advance for your contributions!


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