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Intent to ship: <iframe mozbrowser>-less RDM

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Micah Tigley

Mar 10, 2020, 1:08:58 PM3/10/20

Hi all,

Later this week, we’ll be enabling a new version of the Responsive Design Mode tool that no longer relies on <iframe mozbrowser> as part of the initiative to make DevTools Fission-compatible. For now, the pref will only be enabled in Firefox Nightly as we work with QA to ensure the stability of the tool.

This new version of RDM will be embedded inside the browser UI (rather than live in a tab like today) and website content will be rendered inside the <browser remote> element just like normal. Users should not expect any significant difference between this version and the current one.

Pref: devtools.responsive.browserUI.enabled


Tracking bug for RDM Fission: We ask anyone finding anything wrong with the new tool once the pref is on to report bugs blocking this meta. 

- Micah

Mike Conley

Mar 10, 2020, 5:29:09 PM3/10/20
to Micah Tigley, Mozilla dev-platform mailing list mailing list,, Firefox Dev
Thanks Micah, and everybody else who's been working on this! As someone who's had to struggle at times with the special tunneling and frameloader swapping that we do for the moziframe stuff for RDM, this is a very very welcome change, and will allow us to get rid of some pretty confusing front-end code. I've also heard from Fission / DOM folks that they'll be happy when they can get rid of the mozbrowser iframe support altogether, and this was the last consumer blocking its removal!

So great job and thanks again!

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