These Weeks in DevTools (February 4th, 2020)

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Patrick Brosset

Feb 5, 2020, 3:49:26 AM2/5/20
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Hey all,

Last week, a lot of Mozillians found themselves in Berlin, for our Mozilla AllHands January 2020.
As many meetings and discussions happened there, we did not have time for our usual status update. So here's an update covering the past couple of weeks:

All DevTools bugs fixed over the last 2 weeks


  • Async live stacks are now enabled by default in Nightly and DevEdition!


  • Eager evaluation is now enabled by default in Nightly! Plus a lot of bug fixes happened on this feature recently (1608984, 1609935, 1610754, 1611642). Please give it a try and tell us what you think!

Layout/Mobile Tools

  • The handling of <meta viewport> tags in webpages is now enabled in all current releases of Firefox. The staged roll-out done in release 72 is now complete!

Application Panel

  • The new panel is now enabled by default (in Nightly only). Feel free to play with it if you have manifests and service works in your apps and report any issues you find here.

  • Next steps include doing a UI review of this new panel and showing all workers for registrations.

Storage Panel

  • A number of chrome-parity bugs have been fixed (1608154, 1608411, 1608890)  . They will help users feel more at home when switching to Firefox to inspect/edit local storage and cookies.

Fission (dashboards)

  • The RDM Fission project is close to being done. The 3 remaining bugs (1579226, 1604726, 1585121) might be completed as early as the end of this month. At that time, we'll be able to turn on the devtools.responsive.browserUI.enabled pref which will have no noticeable effect on RDM. The only difference is how the RDM UI will be embedded into Firefox.

  • The rest of the Fission project for DevTools (M2) is progressing well. A lot of work still needs to be completed, but by end of H1 2020, all of the most important DevTools panels should be ready for Fission.


Victoria is improving our contribution docs (first change to our onboarding docs here) and a plan has been laid out to restructure the entire documentation at
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