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This Week in DevTools (December 17th, 2019)

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Patrick Brosset

Dec 17, 2019, 12:47:05 PM12/17/19
to dev-developer-tools
Here is our last batch of DevTools updates in 2019! The next time you'll hear from me here should be January 7th, 2020.


  • Watchpoints are enabled in all channels (bug)!


  • Julian made the “Show content messages” setting persistent in the Browser Toolbox — Bug 1603389

  • Rutaraj fixed a message crash when accessing the Timing Panel of a network message in the console — Bug 1601911

  • Thiago fixed Websocket message in Console and Netmonitor — Bug 765651

  • We now show parameter of logged functions  — Bug 1370826

  • window native accessors are now placed under the <defaultproperties> node — Bug 1601559
  • There’s a WIP patch to include the expression context variables in the autocomplete popup — Bug 1604411 

Network Monitor

  • WebSocket Inspector supports SignalR protocol. It now parses SignalR packets and displays the as an expandable tree (bug)

  • WebSocket monitor now indicates when WS connection is closed (bug)


  • Removed DebuggerClient connect and close callback params since they return a Promise — Bug 1602769 & Bug 1602709

  • Removed custom target front property `activeConsole` in favor of `getFront(“console”)` — Bug 1566850 

  • EventEmitter.on now returns an “unsubscribe” function so the consumer does not have to keep the target reference around — Bug 1603035

  • Functions from async-storage.js now properly reject an exception when an error occurred — Bug 1603126 

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