These Weeks in DevTools (March 10th, 2020)

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Patrick Brosset

Mar 10, 2020, 12:52:15 PM3/10/20
to dev-developer-tools
Sorry about the interruption folks! It's been 3 weeks without updates.
Let me make up for it with this email.

First of all, here's the entire list of bugs that got resolved over this timeframe.


  • Use a custom Firefox binary to debug mochitests (useful when working against a Debug build): `./mach mochitest path/to/test.js --jsdebugger --jsdebugger-path path/to/firefox/binary` (bug)

Layout & Mobile Tools

  • Sebo added the ability to search nodes in the inspector using XPath! This was a long-standing Firebug and Chrome feature gap, and we're really happy that Sebo was able to contribute this (bug, doc).

  • Sebo (again!) added a really useful feature to the Measuring Tool which lets users resize a measured region by simple drag and drop (bug).

  • Micah is working on simulating double-tap gestures in RDM. This bug has her work-in-progress. 

Remote Debugging

  • The profiler UI was updated in about:debugging and allows the user to select helpful presets instead of having to fiddle with complicated settings (bug)


  • Last round of polish for Instant Evaluation (né Eager Evaluation)

    • Don’t print warning caused by Instant Eval (Bug 1616721)

    • Fix issue with XPIDL code being executed although it wasn’t side-effect free (Bug 1620087)

    • Display autocomplete popup at the top of the input (when possible) to avoid covering the instant eval results (Bug 1609942)

  • Autocomplete now relies on instant evaluation (Bug 1580083)

    • This makes the popup available when calling functions (e.g. `sum(a, b).to` will show `toExponential` in the popup, which wasn’t the case before)

  • In the Browser Toolbox, you can now select the context in which you want to evaluate a given expression (Bug 1605329)

Network Monitor

  • Formatting for Action Cable WebSocket messages (bug)

  • The Network monitor is showing a link to the place where the request was initiated. Clicking on the links navigates the user to the Stack Trace side panel with the entire stack trace (bug).

  • It’s possible to use wildcards to block requests. See async-*.js example of the following screenshot.

  • It’s possible to filter WebSockets messages with regular expressions (bug)

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