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Kyle Machulis

Nov 7, 2011, 8:28:17 PM11/7/11
Right now, we're actively working on the RIL portion on a few different fronts. A lot of this work was happening in b2g-dialer-test, but that's now the b2g-dialer-daemon repo, to be integrated into B2G as soon as this test compile I'm doing is done and verified. So, I wanted to outline the various tasks happening to forward our "make the phone dial" goal, and where info/code from them is being stored.

- Worker threads for RIL comm (internal: mrbkap) - mozilla-central
- JS/Python RIL Implementation (internal: kmachulis, philikon - external: ferjm) - github,
- RIL Socket Forwarder (internal: kmachulis) - github,
- Audio Control Daemon (so we can turn speaker/mic on/off) (internal: kmachulis - external: ferjm, jaoo) - github,
- 3G Implementation (external: ferjm, jaoo) - Research at the moment, will go to wiki page,

You'll probably notice that the RIL implementation lists both JS and Python. The issue there is that some of us working in the lower levels of the RIL aren't really JS-knowledgeable yet, so we're trying to knockout tested workflows in a language we know that can be easily translated by devs that are more proficient at JS. Anything that happens in python will be a minimal as possible proof of concept.

I'm hoping most of the activity in these repos will be temporary, and the repos themselves will either solidify or disappear. b2g-dialer-daemon and b2g-audio-daemon don't have a lot going on in them, they're mainly to shuttle parcels between sockets or provide some interface for JS. b2g-js-ril will move into mozilla-central once the worker thread setup is done and we figure out where we want to put things in the main tree. For now, I'm just trying to keep things in obvious, seperate repos so we can easily ramp new people into whatever task they might be working on.
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