Activities related to the release of Thunderbird 3.0b4

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Ludovic Hirlimann

Sep 7, 2009, 8:47:17 AM9/7/09
Hello Thunderbird users,

In the next two weeks we are going to need you to make sure that
Thunderbird 3.0b4 will be a good and stable release. There's two things
that are going to happen :

1) A test day - where people will be asked to test a few subset of what
will be in Thunderbird 3.0b4. This is organized on Thursday September
10th 2009. The idea of having it in one day is to give the possibility
for people to exchange and talk to one another while testing. The test
day is about new features that will be included. Information on what
needs to be tested and how to get in contact with other testers is
explained on a wiki page at : - this is
flexible as it will be updated on the day the testing will happen. The
main new feature should be search with gloda. It's not yet in the
nightlies - so it could be that it isn't available for testing on Thursday.

2) We will be running some regression testing using litmus tool starting
next week starting if everything goes well Wednesday the 16th of
September 2009. The use of the litmus tracking tool will let me know
what as been tested , and on which platform. It would be nice to get
some involvement from the community on this testing. The testing will
cover a week to give us time to test and make sure that e can cover as
much as possible. The testrun is not live yet, but in the end I would
like to get something looking like the previous test run's results with
a bit more green or red (and a lot less white and grey). The previous
test run's results are visible at . Those
results where obtained with 5 people testing - some of them just for an
hour or so.Testing in litmus is not complicated at all - it's just very
time consuming.
To make that testing fun and not too long I would like to have as much
people as possible to reply to this message telling me they'd like to
enroll for some testing. This will let me be able to split the work and
reply individually to those applicants telling them which part of the
test run they should be working on. To be able to achieve that, if you
choose to enroll, let me know which OS you will be doing the testing on.
To participate you will need a litmus account and we will be doing this
series of tests : , they are not
enabled yet. I will enable them the day we start the testing effort.


Ludovic Hirlimann MozillaMessaging QA lead

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