Thunderbird 3.0 docs - MDC structure and stubs

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Jul 3, 2009, 9:55:33 PM7/3/09
Hi all. As of tomorrow, I'm off on a summer break. I've set up some
templates and stub pages on MDC that I hope will help everyone write
docs as they find time.

Start with the Overview page (
There is a section for each Thunderbird "component" (ie, the address
book, the message list, etc). Each section has a brief functional
description, a list of the related interfaces, some ideas about what
extensions developers could do, and a TODO list.

Although there are a few exceptions to compensate for existing
material, in general each component also has:

- A page that describes the interfaces related to the component
(linked to the component's section on the Overview page)

- One or more pages that provides examples (linked to the component's
section on the Overview page). If the existing examples were snippets
or non-existent, there is a single page with multiple examples. If the
examples were large (like tutorials), there is a single page per

- In some cases (such as Gloda), there is also an overview page
specific to the component that goes into greater detail about the
component itself.

Some of these pages have content; some do not. Where there is content,
some of it is recent and relevant, some is not.

To help out with the docs, go to the Overview page (http://
An_overview_of_the_Thunderbird_interface). Look at the TODO section
for the component that interests you. Replace the prefix "who?" with
your name. When you complete the TODO, put a strike-through over the

(If the TODO item is prefixed with someone's name but has a question
mark, that means that I made a guess that the assigned person would be
the one to do it. If you want to take it over, talk to the assigned

If you create new pages (feel free to do so) please add the following
templates to the top of the page (below the title):



(Side note: MDC has been experiencing frequent time-outs for the last
couple of days. Sheppy is aware and IT is working on it.)

Thanks in advance to everyone who helps out!


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