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Bryan W Clark

Mar 4, 2008, 2:06:16 PM3/4/08
I am likely the worst person to take notes for the meetings right now
since I barely understand all that's going on right now. :)

Here are the notes I have. There are a few places that are missing
notes or somewhat incomplete and I'd love if people would reply and fill
in sections. I'll post the modified and improved version back to the
wiki page for completeness.


=== Tb ===

** missed notes on this, can someone fill in?

=== Wiki gardening ===

Gary doing work in
Post comments to [ news group] and move
finalized text to wiki pages

Example. Placing the Auto configuration proposal on the wiki, send out a
message to the news group, link to discussion from page, iterate.

Reminder to make Thunderbird a category tag on each page created so it
can be found from the category page

Current wiki pages are sub-par for people getting started. We need
better developer documentation pages, fill in as you see fit.

Questions answered on IRC need to be pushed to the wiki docs

Easy activity for someone to comb through news groups archives in
reverse chronological order and pull out technical questions that have
been answered and put them in the wiki

==== Tb 3.0a1 and 3.0 bugzilla flags ====

Tabbed messaging? Address support on the mac?

dmose + standard8 : address book re-factoring pushed to 8 weeks out?

What is the release process? Change the person who is the primary
driver for each release

** The Primary driver for Alpha 1 is who?

Encourage people to bring bugs they care about to the Release Driver for
consideration in the Release

Question brought up: In bugzilla who is the default assignee? nobody?
default q/a contact?

==== calendar ====

davida will post the calendar strategy on the news group

==== search ====

if needed, get additional attention from the SQLite devs

Currently we are largely a mork world and it's too much work/risk to
remove all of mork before t-bird 3. Possibly we can glue in SQLite with
mork specifically to handle the text indexes.

via IRC: bug 414102 is possibly a blocker

search UI is in need of improvements

==== ux improvements ====

general theme, improving the overall extensions system. from ideas to
implement, install, and feedback loop; attack smaller and urgent UI
issues as they come up

check wiki pages for improving the install experience

start review existing extensions that are being included. Does each
have a wiki page? use news group for discussion.

tabbed messaging ideas
bug 218999
bug 297379

lightning extension

AMO integration for Thunderbird
bug 414674

===== existing ux issues =====

cc bryan on UI bugs using clarkbw at gnome dot org account

bryan will begin to look over feature discussions

==== extensions ====

collect information various places and create a place (wiki page?) for
the most useful extensions to be explored
contact support forums for information
collect statistical information from AMO

sync on arrival extension

Show InOut mentioned

==== round table ====

encouraging setting up many different kinds of mail and caldav servers
for testing
setup an exchange server for testing

calendar group meeting in april, we should join them if we can

perhaps we should have a thunderbird group meet together around that time?

Question of Is "Gecko" 1.9 only Firefox?

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