Excerpts from a summary of local run of TB mochitest with FULL DEBUG TB under linux 64

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Apr 29, 2020, 8:01:58 PM4/29/20
to dev-apps-t...@lists.mozilla.org
I have uploaded an excerpt from the summary of local mochitest log with
FULL DEBUG TB under linux 64.


Here is the comment I wrote for the upload.


|make mozmill| is gone since December 2019.

We now have mochitest for TB.

I picked up Javascript errors and warnings from the mochitest local run
of FULL DEBUG version of TB.
The lines are plenty and I believe there are real errors, which I am
going to file one by one hopefully in my spare time, but I hope someone
will take a look at the listing and file a bugzilla entriy or two on
their own.
The errors are simply too many for one individual to figure out.

The number at the beginning of each line is the frequency of occurrences.

There are some duplicates (I tried to make sure that we do not miss

Also, there is a frivolous false positive.:

But the list should be a good start for bug hunting and already, I found
a possible repeatable smoking gun to solve either bug 944194
<https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=944194> or bug 1559267

I am doing this to make sure my local patches won't break TB in
undesirable way, but I am afraid that we need to clean up the current
state in the first place. :-(


After deleting a message by hitting delete button in the subject area, a
blank subject line still remains in subject pane.

Deletion of a message fails, is not invoked at all




Apr 29, 2020, 8:12:18 PM4/29/20
to dev-apps-t...@lists.mozilla.org
It took me a while to modify the shell script to produce the summary
from the raw log.
The format change was a pain to deal with.
The script is still evolving.
I probably need to see the entire log just once to see if there any new
error/warning/exceptions that are NOT caught by the script.
Oh well...

Somebody GOT TO look at the debug run log occasionally IMHO.
The redacted summary produced by a script is one way to deal with
serious errors/warnings.

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