Reminder: SeaMonkey Equinox Bug Event

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Tony Mechelynck

Sep 17, 2012, 8:03:03 AM9/17/12
to SeaMonkey Members
As announced a month or so ago, a SeaMonkey Bug Event will happen next
week-end (Friday 21 to Sunday 23) on #seamonkey (on the
aka moznet IRC server). The following Components of the SeaMonkey
Product (as known at will be targeted in priority,
because that's where most unowned (i.e. non-ASSIGNED) open bugs are found:

* MailNews:Message Display
* UI Design
* Bookmarks & History
* Preferences
* Composer
* General

For details, see

;-) And if you don't live in the North temperate zone, dont feel left
out, and don't think this is not meant for you. The name "Fall Equinox
Bug Event" was chosen for want of a better one, but we are aware that
this is Spring in the South temperate zone, that seasons are meaningless
at the equator where the only season is Rains, that in tropical areas
the two seasons may be Humid and Soaking Wet, or Dry and Rains, and that
even in the North temperate zone there are many people for whom there is
no season named "fall" because they call it "autumn".

Everyone may take part, and there will be tasks for all levels of
expertise, all the way from rank beginner to (I hope) super-reviewer.

Best regards,
f y cn rd ths thn y cn hv grt jb n cmptr prgrmmng
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