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Paul Betts

Oct 2, 2006, 9:49:05 PM10/2/06
Hi, my name is Paul Betts, I'm currently a student at The Ohio State
University studying for a degree in Computer Science. I'm taking a new
class called "Engineering 494 - How Great Ideas Turn into Great
Products". For this class, we are doing a case study on Mozilla Firefox,
studying everything about the product; from a technical perspective
(block diagrams, high-level flow charts, etc) as well as a business
perspective (market demographic, value propositions, etc).

For this project, we are to find an 'Industry Coach'. This person is
just someone we can contact via Email or Instant Messenger to provide
information or answer questions for us. Of course, we won't seek to take
up more than perhaps 5 minutes a week of your time, and we would be very
appreciative if someone from this list would help us out (or send us to
a more appropriate listserv).

We chose this project because it's definitely one of the most successful
software projects to date, as well as its unique perspective as an
open-source, cross platform product. We would also like to be able to
contribute this work back to the community, so we will be providing all
the documentation we write online under a CC license so it will be
available to others as well (perhaps also included on the Mozilla site),
so this is also an opportunity to write some free documentation that can
be peer-reviewed to make sure it's accurate.

Thanks for your time!

Paul Betts <>

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