Firefox UI menus idea: move 'Page Info' from 'Tools' to 'View' menu

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Jun 28, 2006, 6:29:54 PM6/28/06
In the theme of the "De-cluttering & improving Fx's interface" thread

I had this idea for one little change I think should be made to the
Firefox menus (as seen in FF

Move the 'Page Info' entry from the 'Tools' menu to the 'View' menu,
below and next to the 'Page Source' entry.

Why? Because that would group two current-page-related functions
together. In fact, these two functions are already grouped together on
the right-click context menu, so grouping them in the main menus is not
a far stretch.

This can currently be accomplished via the Menu Editor extension:

Also note there are already some FF design ideas on this wiki:

Jun 29, 2006, 9:24:53 AM6/29/06
Thanks for making this suggestion on the note of my post on the UI. I
had heard these suggested a long time ago and am surprised upon writing
on the matter it didnt enter my mind to suggest. Having 'Page Info' in
'View' rather than 'Tools' makes complete sense, and it is really a
View item, not so much a tool, thus where it should be neatly

The same is true as for moving items from Tools to View, applies to the
Dom Inspector & Javascript console. There far more View related items
then they are 'Tools' in the true sense. It can then be said that the
View menu really is a section for all View related items for webpages,
which should be the case already.

This is just a case of logically, consistently grouping items in the
right area, for the user to grasp the content of each section, and the
sections not be blurred with items mixed in various section meaning
users dont know what the various dropdown menu's are for in terms on
content type. Straight forward and one to definitely implement ASAP!

Jun 29, 2006, 8:24:07 PM6/29/06

Who needs to see and discuss this and similar UI suggestions before
they can be implemented? Is this usenet group the proper forum, or
mozillazine, or a 'feature request' form, or somewhere else I don't yet
know of? It's my understanding that UI changes are done on a
discussion/peer-review basis, but how is this process organized?

In other UI issues...I've found that numerous extensions add themselves
to either the View, Tools, or the right-click Context menu, sometimes
in multiple places. The worst thing is when the Context menu becomes
overloaded, or when the entries you use most get pushed out of place by
desired, but less used extension-enabled features. In addition, many
extensions don't provide a way to disable their Context menu entries
(of course you can use the Menu Editor extension, if you know about it
and have it).

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