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confusions about the review process

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Sep 29, 2015, 9:08:04 AM9/29/15

I just upgraded my app ( about than 2 weeks ago (sep 17).

The first response was actually very fast, after one day I received an email and told me that one reviewer asked for more information and wanted the exact revision of one js file (gmail.js) in the github.

So I responded back by adding that information in the 'notes to reviewer' section. But there is no further feed back after 4 days. I am not sure if the reviewer got this message, so I tried to give out that information by replying to the notification email (

But there is still no reply.

Eventually I just uploaded a new version to the addon market by Sep 23, but I still got no feedback at all until now.

I got two questions here:

1. What should be the most proper way to respond to the email of 'request for more information'? Should I reply to the email? Or directly contact the reviewer?

2. (it's a little bit irrelevant) In the release of the app, even if there is nothing new in the app, and I only try to provide more information about the release, I still need to increment the version number and upload a new file. Is that normal? Or there is some better way to do that? The problem is the version number could jump quickly and may be confusing for the users.

Thanks a lot for your help.
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