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Mar 26, 2016, 1:40:37 AM3/26/16

For the second time this week I have received an e-mail marked as "SPAM" when it is not spam. The first one was from TUT.COM and I'm glad that it is no longer marked as spam. This morning it was from Adoley Odunton. I do listen to her interview healers and I do like to listen to the replays.

I don't know why all of a sudden e-mails that I have been receiving are being marked as SPAM. If there is a way to correct this, without my contacting you, I would appreciate knowing how to make that correction.

I don't know enough about your programs to know if I forwarded an e-mail to someone who isn't interested and they marked it as SPAM or if there is another reason that e-mails that I do read are being marked as SPAM. To me they are not SPAM, and I would like to be able to correct this problem without constantly contacting you.

If you have tell me what I can do. I just checked another e-mail account and the e-mails from don Miguel Ruiz have been coming through marked as SPAM as well. Unfortunately I don't always read all of my e-mails on a daily basis. It seems strange to me that it is only e-mails from a metaphysical source that seem to be marked as SPAM.

I do realize that not everyone is interested in metaphysics. I have been studying metaphysics since late 1986, and I do not consider these e-mails as spam. Maybe I'm wrong, but shouldn't each person receiving their own e-mail have the choice of indicating whether or not it is spam to them?

Remember you are loved, you are lovable, you are loving. God created you not just worthy; sacred is a better description of our relationship with God. God loves you and everyone else unconditionally.

Have a fun lifetime and may you spend a lot of time playing. Studies show that those who spend time playing are better at problem solving. (If you have any input on this I would be interested in hearing it. I believe I read something about Google having a lot of games in their offices.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you for your assistance.

Peace. Joy. Love.

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